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Top 10 Most Expensive Woods In The Entire World

Woods look like ordinary stuff but some of them cost way too much. Wealthy Voice presents you the list of top 10 most expensive woods in the world…

Most Expensive Woods In The World

If you’re into woods work, then you’ll know that the ordinary-looking woods are way more valuable as they look like.

It’s crystal clear that the higher the cost of the wood, the longer is the durability of the products carved through them.

10 Most Expensive Woods In The World-

The types of woods listed below possess premium quality and are best in the industry.


10. Dalbergia – $5/board feet

dalbergia wood
Image Credits: Cookwoods

Dalbergia wood is found in the regions of Africa, South America and South Asia. This wood is very hard to find as it grows in denser regions of the forest.

Also, due to its stiffness properties, it’s very hard and difficult to work on this wood. It is used in fine furniture work and interior woodworks. It also has fragrant and aromatic essential oils present inside it.

9. Pink Ivory Wood – $7/board feet

pink ivory wood
Image Credits: RareWoodUSA

This wood grows on the trees of Africa and Zimbabwe region and is very hard in nature.

The name of Pink Ivory wood came from it’s pinkish and yellowish color.

It is used in decorative gift items, furniture work and other kind of carving work.

8. Purpleheart – $8/board feet

purpleheart wood
Image Credits: WoodAssistant

This wood is found in the regions of South America and neighboring areas.

Purpleheart wood is considered as one of the toughest and stiffest woods in the world. It has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and possesses top-notch quality.

It is mainly used for flooring, boat building, fine furniture and other wooden works.

7. Sandalwood – $10/board feet

Image Credits: Unsplash

Sandalwood is widely known for it’s aromatic fragrant essential oils which are used in perfumes.

Because of wide demand and limited supply, it’s price has surged very higher as it was used to be.

The wood is yellowish in color and hard in strength.

6. African Blackwood – $15/board feet

Image Credits: WoodPeck

This wood is considered as one of the rarest and one of the most expensive woods available in the world. As the name suggests, African Blackwood is found in the regions of Africa.

It is black and brown in color with a darker heartwood.

Due to its ultra-hard strength, it makes it difficult to cut and craft. This wood is mainly used in musical instruments and crafting decorative ornaments.

5. Ebony – $20/board feet

ebony wood
Image Credits: Unsplash

Ebony woods are very dense, hard and chocolate black in color.

This wood has incredible strength and longer durability.

These are widely used in making valuable products. It’s patterns and stripes are beautiful to watch. 

4. Lignum Vitae – $23-25/board feet

lignum vitae wood
Image Credits: Unsplash

Lignum Vitae wood is of dark brown and olive black colour. This type of wood is found in the regions of Caribbean and neighbouring areas.

The tree of this wood grows just 2 inches in a year which results in lower yielding of this wood and expensive prices.

Due to it’s lesser quantity, it’s hard to cut this wood in uniform shape and desired patterns.

This wood is used in manufacturing of art products, attractive plywood and tiny inlays.

3. Agarwood – $25/board feet

Image Credits: Unsplash

The Agarwood belongs to the trees of Aquilaria and Gyrinops and found in the regions of Southeast Asia. This wood is known from the ancient times of the Bible.

The depletion of forests and wild resources have resulted in higher prices of this wood.

Agarwood is used in creating essential oils and is hard to purchase due to it’s lesser quantity.

2. Bubinga – $30/board feet

bubinga wood
Image Credits: RareWoodUSA

Bubinga wood is mainly from the regions of Africa and comes with many variations. The rarer the pattern of the wood, the higher is the price.

It’s beautiful design and strength-to-weight ratio makes it in the list of most valuable woods on the planet.

Bubinga wood is used in decorative furniture works, fine inlays work, flooring, panelling etc.

1. Bocote Wood – $33/board feet

Bocote Wood
Image Credits: PanaTrees

Bocote wood is known to be the most luxurious or most expensive wood in the world. Its botanical name is Cordia elaeagnoides.

This wood is usually found on the Bocote tree in the regions of South America and Caribbean.

The wood has an amazing texture with golden brown base and dark brown accents.

The many visible “eyes” patterns make the wood highly adorable and decorated.

Bocote wood is mainly used in the manufacturing of acoustic guitar covers, forged knives, fine furniture, gunstocks and boatbuilding.

Disclaimer: The prices of the woods listed here fluctuate as per the market demand and supply. The prices reflected here are accurate as of the publishing date of this article.


We hope you loved our list of most valuable woods which are very difficult to craft and get in use.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive woods in the world:

  1. Bocote Wood – $33/board feet
  2. Bubinga – $30/board feet
  3. Agarwood – $25/board feet
  4. Lignum Vitae – $23-25/board feet
  5. Ebony – $20/board feet
  6. African Blackwood – $15/board feet
  7. Sandalwood – $10/board feet
  8. Purpleheart – $8/board feet
  9. Pink Ivory – $7/board feet
  10. Dalbergia – $5/board feet