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10 Mind-Blowing Ways To Build Unbreakable Confidence In Life

Building a rock solid confidence is not easy and requires a lot of motivation and self-esteem. Wealthy Voice presents you the simple ways to develop unshakable confidence in your life…

Unbreakable Confidence

We all know that having confidence in life is a sign of self-believe and self-esteem. No one can beat a person who is self-confident and courageous. In this article, you’ll learn about the 10 rock-solid ways to develop unbeatable and unbreakable confidence in your life.

Before starting with the techniques, let us tell you, confidence is not something that you can acquire from person to person, or replicate from someone, it’s not even hereditary.

If you think that your lack of self-confidence is because of the nature of your parents, you might be wrong. There are parents who are very social and extroverts, but their children turn out to be introverts.

Confidence is something that grows from inside. The more you start meeting with random people, the more your mind will try to open up in front of them. There’s no shame in feeling left-behind or being ignored, just remember, you’re testing your skills in front of those people.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

Let’s be honest, building confidence overnight never going to happen. You’ll see a lot of failures and struggles, but you have to consider all those failures as a stepping stone that will lead to a stronger foundation of your self-confidence.

10 Ways To Build Unbreakable Confidence In Life:

Below are the easy and simple steps to regain confidence and self-esteem back.

Try to grasp the techniques thoroughly in order to see the maximum changes in your lifestyle.

1. Focus On Your Losing Areas

First things first, identify the areas where you’re lacking confidence. These areas might be anything, giving a speech, office presentations, hanging out with friends, ordering food in a restaurant, in a relationship, or even talking with kids.

This is the first and most essential step to build your self-confidence. Many people are good at handling critical situations but they lose in some. So, figure out which are the real areas of improvement that are directly affecting your lifestyle.

Think it like this way, you’re excellent at driving cars, even you can drive them with one hand. But you’re struggling to ride a bicycle, which is a child thing in front of driving a car.

Well, it doesn’t mean you’re lacking confidence in driving vehicles and you’re bad at it. Same goes for talking with a colleague and talking with an unknown person.

Focus on the areas where you’re losing your game.

2. Build A True Character

After you’ve identified the areas where you’re losing for a long time, It’s time to start planning the things right way.

All you need is a strong and true character to improve those areas. This will help you in feeling better and more confident no matter what the situation is. You’ll start feeling courageous, fearful and the lack of self-confidence will go away soon.

To develop a strong character, you need to be a humble person first. Start understanding the problems of your friends by looking to their point of view. Be intentional and try building your own principles.

When you’ll act like a person who can connect with people emotions, they’ll start trying to be around you. Remember, if someone approaches you for a conversation, 50% of your fear of initiating the talk is already gone.

3. Practice Self-Discipline

After building a strong character with true integrity, it’s time to discover the power of self-discipline.

This is one of the major skills that helps you in building an unbreakable confidence. People with high self-control always perform well in any kind of role.

In the journey of strengthening your confidence levels, you’ll fail a lot. You’ll start doubting yourself again and the thoughts of giving up will soon sprout in your mind.

Self-Discipline will keep you going and slowly increase your confidence. You’ll become more responsible and start believing that you can achieve anything you want. With the right mindset and focus, it’s very much possible to get your confidence back.

4. Become Self Aware

To figure out how self-awareness will help you in developing unbeatable confidence, you need to find out the real concept of being a self-aware person.

It’s more about paying attention to see how we act in a particular situation. The way we’re reacting in front of someone, the way are we answering their questions, our default responses and our tendencies.

It also means to see our moods and emotions when we’re in the middle of conversations that we don’t even like.

The more self-aware you’re about yourself, the better decision-maker and thinker you’ll become. You’ll be able to communicate and connect with people more easily. Also, you’ll start loving yourself and start living a happier life.

5. Accept Your Mistakes

Now you’ve become self-aware, it’s time to deal with some harsh stuff, to accept your flaws.

No one in this world is perfect. Everyone lacks something and there is always a scope of improvement.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of human life. It teaches you new ways of doing things and enriches your lifestyle. A drop in your confidence level is also caused by some of the mistakes which you did in past and now you do not want to repeat those same mistakes again.

Just remember, you’re playing a role in someone’s story and you’re not bound to be a superhero in their story. By accepting your mistakes, your self-confidence boosts up like anything and you start feeling more secure and involved in the situations.

6. Do Exercise. Become Fit

Let’s be honest with this thing. A person with a better body shape is naturally confident as compared to a person with uneven body shape.

Research shows that being an obese person is one of the major reasons behind lacking self-confidence in Americans. People shy away from meeting people and avoid making new connections.

Regular exercise can keep your body fit and healthy, and most importantly will boost your self-esteem. Once you start experiencing the positivity you get with a fitter and healthy body, there is no coming back.

Remember, physical fitness is the immediate form of confidence.


7. Practise Meditation

Just like your body needs physical fitness to deal with lower confidence levels, your mind also needs to stay fit at the mental level.

If you’re unable to think properly, plan your goals, how are you going to start the journey of improving yourself? A sharper and stable mind can do wonders with 100% chances of improving your self-esteem.

Meditation is the key to success when it comes to calm your mind. Just try to give your mind soothing experiences by reducing negative thoughts. You’ll be surprise to see how many changes can meditation bring to your life.

It will surely helps in improving your emotions, feelings and thoughts about yourself.

8. Eat Fresh And Healthy

When you’ve decided to sweat too much in order to develop your confidence levels, why leave the eating habits behind.

Try to eat nutrient-rich foods and take vitamins whenever you get a chance. Eating fruits and green vegetables helps you in staying fresh throughout the day.

You can also try drinking fruit juices or green tea to increase your metabolism rate and create a perfect balanced diet.

Flow of vitamins in your body will keep your mind awake and will help you in building everlasting unbreakable confidence.

9. Do Affirmations

Affirmations are mainly positive statements that you should say to yourself to motivate yourself in and out. They help you stay motivated and focused towards your goals.

You should try saying the affirmations in front of the mirror, either in the morning or before you go to sleep. The main motive is to keep realizing your subconscious mind that you’re preparing hard towards your dreams.

They are the best form of manifestation and related to the law of attraction. You can build your own confidence affirmations, something like:

“I acknowledge my own self-worth; my self-confidence is rising daily”.


“I am energetic and enthusiastic. Confidence is my second nature”.

When you start repeating your affirmations repeatedly, your subconscious mind will soon start to accept them. It’s like, You trick your mind in believing something new.

10. Be True To Yourself

Last but not the least, Always love yourself in any situation. Even if you’ve seen a wave of failures in your life, without self-believe and loving yourself, it’s impossible to achieve success in your life.

You have experienced weaknesses, flaws, conflicts and bad relations but you just need to say yourself, I Am Perfect and I Love Myself.

When you start accepting your imperfections, there will be no chances that your confidence will decline ever again.

Just be true to yourself. This will make you seem more attractive as well.


Well, that’s it. There are tons of other things you can do to regain your confidence back and live the life of your dreams. All you have to do is start believing in the process and journey.

It will take time to master the art of unshakable confidence, but when you’ll put the right efforts, it’s bound to happen.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 Ways To Develop Unbreakable Confidence In Your Life

  1. Focus On Your Losing Areas
  2. Build A True Character
  3. Practice Self-Discipline
  4. Become Self Aware
  5. Accept Your Mistakes
  6. Do Exercise. Become Fit
  7. Practise Meditation
  8. Eat Fresh And Healthy
  9. Do Affirmations
  10. Be True To Yourself

We hope you loved the content. Do check out the 7 colors of success which will inspire and motivate you to succeed in life.

We’ll end the article with a quote to boost your confidence to some extent,

“Self-confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening”.