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Top 17 Most Expensive Pianos In The World

Ever wondered how much a Piano cost and what features determine their value? Wealthy Voice presents you the list of world’s most expensive pianos…

Most Expensive Pianos In The World

Pianos are considered as royal instruments that are capable of producing melodious sounds. Their eye-catching design, superior woodwork and unique tones make them one of the most valuable instruments.

A good pianist and collector know the true value of a piano. In auctions, these instruments have seen bidding price of up to millions of dollars.

“There are eighty-eight keys on a piano and within that, an entire universe.”  ― James Rhodes

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the grandest pianos ever made and the history behind them.

Top 17 Most Expensive Pianos In The World:

The cost of a piano depends upon several factors. Their features and characteristics make them unique and valuable.

What make pianos so expensive?

A high-end luxurious piano has the following characteristics:

  • Superior manufacturing – The heart of a piano lies behind its construction and manufacturing. The woods used in constructing the pianos are of premium quality and hard strength. Talking about their durability, some of the pianos are known to be as older as 300 years.
  • Exceptional Sound – The performance and sound of a piano is the major reason behind its hefty price tags. The melodious and unique sound of a piano plays a major role in its market value.
  • Premium Design – Some of the world-famous pianos have stunning designs to attract the pianist as well as the audiences. The beauty lies in their curves, frames and keys.
  • Model Customization – There are many variations of a particular model of a piano. The manufacturers can alter the piano design and functions as per the pianist. This makes them unique and luxurious.
  • Exterior Case – Along with the beautiful interior design, pianos are known to have amazing exterior cases. They are crafted in such a way to catch the immediate attention of public.

Lets quickly dive into the list of world’s most expensive Pianos…

17. Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza – $300,000

Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: LucidPianos

Lucid Hive Piano is known for its stunning design and semi-transparent structure. Its legs, edges and curves make it look more luxurious.

The elements of this piano are very beautiful and furnished from every angle. The best part of this model, it’s fully customizable. The piano has been crafted in black, blue, white, pink and many more colors…

Perfect patterns and traditional design makes Xtravaganza one of the most luxurious pianos in the world.

16. The Boganyi Piano – $350,000

the bogyani piano-wealthy-voice
Image Credits: ClassicFM

The Boganyi Piano is known for its black color, luxurious design and sweeping curves. This piano is known to have 18,000 parts to enhance its sound quality.

It has been redesigned by the Hungarian pianist, Gergely Boganyi to improve its sound performance. It has been fitted with matching seats, modified wood and iron frames.

Boganyi also claims that the new soundboard design of this piano is one of the biggest revolutions in its revamping process.

15. Fazioli Brunei – $420,000

Image Credits: ClassicFM

The Brunei piano is manufactured by the famous Italian pianist, Paolo Fazioli, who is also known for producing some of the most valuable musical instruments.

Fazioli Brunei is a grand piano which is manufactured to use in mega concerts and events. It has a unique signature sound and deeper bass quality.

Its case is embedded with mother-of-pearl and precious stones. The additional jewels and artefacts in the piano give it a royal effect.

14. La Mort Du Cygne, Erard – $450,000

la mort du cygne erard-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: ClassicFM

Constructed from the Mahogany wood, La Mort Du Cygne Piano was manufactured in 1905 by the Erard Company.

This piano is also referred as The Dying Swan and crafted by the French artists. The beauty of this piano lies in its inlay woodwork.

Its gold color give its a royal look and make it appear more traditional.

13. Fazioli Gold Leaf – $550,000

fazioli gold leaf-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: Fazioli

This piano is another masterpiece creation of the famous pianist, Fazioli. As the name suggests, the Fazioli Gold Leaf piano is fully covered with a 24-carat gold leaf layer.

It has a vintage structure and constitutes of many modern elements to give it a classier look.

Its attractive design and harmonic sound attract audiences whenever someone performs it. Also, the goldish color of this piano makes it look royal and prestige.

12. Marilyn Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano – $670,000

Marilyn Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: Alux

The Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano was owned by Marilyn’s mother but later passed on to some of the renowned collectors. Later Mariah Carey purchased this masterpiece for a whopping price of $670,000.

Its white color makes it look more beautiful and classic. It is also related to Hollywood and events which makes it more valuable among the collectors.

11. Fazioli M. Liminal Piano – $695,000

most expensive piano
Image Credits: Fazioli

This masterpiece was created by the Fazioli Company and has a luxurious design. Its unique and marvellous look makes it eye-catching amongst the public.

This piano is appreciated for its musical sound and structure. Its shape is inspired by the waves of the sea and its dark greyish color resembles a dolphin.

The floating curves of this piano add value to its overall composition. This piano is also considered as one of the finest creations of the Fazioli brand.

10. Bosendorfer Opus 50 – $750,000

Bosendorfer Opus 50-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: Royal Pianos

Opus 50 is one of the oldest pianos in the world, crafted by Bosendorfer company. This is known to be the 50,000th piano built by them.

The piano is built from maple wood, walnut veneers and pear. It also has 24k carat gold leaf surrounded its front.

The Opus 50 piano is inspired by two instruments that were created for the World Exhibition, held at Paris in 1867.

Along with spectacular design, the piano is embedded with Vienna piece and has 92 keys.

9. Bluthner Lucid EXO Piano – $980,000

Bluthner Lucid EXO Piano-wealthy-voice
Image Credits: Bluthner

If you think that the Bluthner Xtravaganza model was stunning, the Lucid EXO model is something out of the world. The world’s leading manufacturer, Bluthner, has crafted this showpiece with the help of 3D printing and carbon fibres.

Seamless design and high-performance mechanism of Lucid EXO makes it look wonderful.

8. C. Bechstein Piano – $1.2 Million

c. bechstein piano-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: Bechstein

This is probably the most prestige, royal and dignified piano set. This masterpiece has seen over 32 months of production with over 1800+ working hours.

The piano is specially designed for kings and their suiting lifestyle. Built in 1886, this piano was exhibited in the special event held at C. Bechstein, London.

C. Bechstein piano is integrated with magnificent ornaments, fine woodworks and gold frames. The piano is also surrounded by many sphinxes to give it an elegant design.

7. Alma – Tadema Steinway Piano – $1.3 Million

Image Credits: WorldPianoNews

Constructed in 1887 by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, this piano is a true piece of art. This piano is integrated with over 2000 mother-of-pearl pieces.

On the top of the keyboard, there are names of Apollo and Muses with many signatures of the musicians who performed on this piano.

Alma-Tadema piano was first sold for mere $8000 and later it was purchased for $1.3 Million by the Clark company.

It’s also known that an exact replica of this piano is re-created by the Steinway and Sons company.

6. The Galaxy Piano – $1.4 Million

Image Credits: ClassicFM

The design of this piano something out of this universe, that’s why named, The Galaxy Piano.

The piano has a 24-carat gold plated glass which makes it more elegant in appearance. The curved keys and design make it look more astonishing.

This piano is so limited that only 5 pianos have been made in the entire world and all of them are already sold to the collectors. So, no one can ever purchase this masterpiece again, unless they’re up for sale in the auctions.

And what will it take to purchase this instrument, of course, millions of dollars.

5. Red Pops for (RED) Steinway – $2 Million

Red Pops for (RED) Steinway-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: Steinway

The red and white color of this Steinway piano makes it appear vibrant and attractive. Placed in the list of most expensive pianos, Red Pops is an instrument built for the ultra-rich guys.

The piano is known for its unique sound and eye-catching design. This piano is also associated with the charity auctions that held in Africa to raise global funds for AIDS, TB and Malaria.

This piano is known to have a silver plate and nickel hardware with an overall combination of white and red color.

4. John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z – $2.35 Million

Image Credits: Steinway

This piano is quite famous as it was purchased by John Lennon in 1970 for just 1000 pounds. He composed his famous album, “Imagine” on this masterpiece.

It also has John’s cigarette burns on it which adds more value to its price.             

This piano has been passed through the hands of many pianists. Later it was bought by the British pop star, George Michael who purchased this piano for a whopping $2.35 Million.

It is also known that Michael, sent this piano to the Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool so that people can admire the beauty of this instrument.

3. Steinway and Sons Fibonacci – $2.4 Million

Image Credits: Steinway

Fibonacci is known to be the 600,000th piano designed by the Steinway and Sons company. This piano has a spiral design and was crafted by the artisan, Frank Pollaro.

This piano is designed for demonstrating the commitment and craftsmanship of the Steinway brand. Built using ebony, this is a true masterpiece whose spirals give it a unique look. It is integrated with ivory, bronze and other valuable ornaments.

Lang Lang, the famous pianist, performed on this piano in the year 2015. Fibonacci is surely an extraordinary piano to honour the list of most valuable pianos in the world.

2. The Crystal Piano – $3.25 Million

Image Credits: ThePiano

The Crystal Piano is manufactured by the Heintzman & Company. This is the only known crystal piano ever crafted on this planet.

This piano is entirely made up of crystal and built for grand performances in large concert halls. The transparent design of this piano makes it easier to see its internal mechanism and workings.

It made its first public appearance in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. And the superstar Lang Lang was the lucky man to perform the piano in front of millions of audiences worldwide.

1. The Casablanca Piano – $3.4 Million

casablanca piano-wealthyvoice
Image Credits: NYTimes

Topping the lists of world’s most expensive pianos, The Casablanca Piano has reportedly fetched $3.4 Million in the Auctions held in the year 2014.

This deal has made the Casablanca Piano, the most valuable and luxurious pianos in the entire world.

This piano gained massive popularity after featuring in the Casablanca Movie. This increased its price to a whole new level.

The piano has yellow and Moroccan green color that gives it a unique appearance.

It was first auctioned in 1988 to a Japanese collector and later fetched over $600,000 in a piano auction held in 2012. After the 2014 auctions, it has been bought by an unknown buyer for over $3.4 million.

Disclaimer: The prices of the pianos listed here are accurate when they were sold at the time of auctions. The current value of these violins may have increased or decreased as per different factors.


That’s all for the most valuable and luxurious pianos ever manufactured. Now you may have realized why pianos are considered as the instrument for rich people.

Here’s a quick list of the Top 17 Most Expensive Pianos In The World:

  1. The Casablanca Piano – $610,000
  2. The Crystal Piano – $3.25 Million
  3. Steinway and Sons Fibonacci – $2.4 Million
  4. John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z – $2.35 Million
  5. Red Pops for (RED) Steinway – $2 Million
  6. The Galaxy Piano – $1.4 Million
  7. Alma – Tadema Steinway Piano – $1.3 Million
  8. C. Bechstein Piano – $1.2 Million
  9. Bluthner Lucid EXO Piano – $980,000
  10. Bosendorfer Opus 50 – $750,000
  11. Fazioli M. Liminal Piano – $695,000
  12. Marilyn Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano – $670,000
  13. Fazioli Gold Leaf – $550,000
  14. La Mort Du Cygne, Erard – $450,000
  15. Fazioli Brunei – $420,000
  16. Boganyi Piano – $350,000
  17. Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza – $300,000

Here’s a beautiful quote to end this article;

“If life was a piano, light and darkness would be the keys. And shadows would be the melody that creates the harmony.”  ― Joe Rodriguez

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